A magnificent window

The energeto® window, the best of its class, will always be the best choice. Why? energeto® windows have no metal thermal bridges within the frame and wing structures. The crucial component of energy efficiency when it comes to windows is the UW value. The lower the heat transfer coefficient (UW) is, the greater the window’s energy efficiency is. Improved window design significantly decreases heating costs and results in less CO2 emission. By using the energeto® system you decrease your heating costs, preserve the environment and create a future perspective for yourself.

In what way do energeto® windows differ from ordinary windows?

The steel reinforcement inside the frames of ordinary windows is the weakest point of their thermal properties. Since the thickness of the walls and number of chambers in a profile have reached their maximum, aluplast offers an alternative to this profile reinforcement in the form of bonding-inside and powerdur-inside technology as the perfect developmental solution. energeto® combines renowned technology and esthetical design.

Internal performance values and cost savings

It’s not installation depth which is crucial for energy savings, but the internal performance values. Isothermic flow shows significant improvement in the quality of thermal insulation:


conventional structure of the wing and wood frame



Energy efficiency as an innovative concept

A well-conceived internal space of window frames and wings bypasses metal thermal bridges and achieves significant insulation values and stability without any use of special, thermically separated reinforcements and foam filling. energeto® offers the best in thermal insulation combined with a great structure which takes into account security, as well as protection from noise and design.

energeto® offers the following advantages:

  • great noise protection up to noise-protection level 4
  • WK2-tested anti-burglar security
  •  the 5-6 chamber system is a standard option for 3 levels of sealing with great thermal insulation and soundproofing
  • it exhibits excellent properties of thermal insulation with total values ranging from 1.2 to 0.69 W/m2K
  • an installation depth of approximately 70-85 mm with the possibility of installing glass material from 24 – 51 mm of depth, with the possible width being up to 59 mm when installing semi-recessed glass
  • suitable for installation into low-energy and passive objects
  • classic modern design of straight lines with a great selection of connection profiles for different installation needs
  • equipped with designed internal bar
  • available in a number of decorative versions
  • the ALUSKIN system is available in a wide range of colours and decorations (the PVC and aluminum combination)
  • easy and eco-friendly disassembling of the profile from the sealing compound