Exterior aluminum blinds

Exterior aluminum blinds are used as facade elements for sunlight protection. Adjustment of their plates allows us to regulate the level of light and heat in the room. They cover glass facade surfaces and windows. Their aluminum plates come in various sizes and differ in comparison with the space between individual plates. The most famous types of external plates are the C-type plate, along with the T-type and VZ-type. All of the plates are perforated, which gives them extra strength. They are highly resistant to wind. The depth of the plates differs depending on the model, with the most common level of depth being 80 mm.

  • the plates are made from extruded aluminum
  • the plates can be adjusted manually or automatically
  • extruded plates are also more resistant to hale
  • external aluminum blinds come with a visible aluminum mixture or an aluminum plate under the mortar
  • in addition to providing sunlight protection these blinds are a very aesthetically pleasing facade element