ID-8000 CL

The IDEAL rectangular or rounded profile to ensure your comfort

The IDEAL 8000® is a low-energy profile of the highest profile. With a depth of 85 mm, 6 chambers and 3 levels of sealing it provides the best possible thermal insulation and soundproofing within the four walls of your home. Make your life comfortable and enjoyable with this modern profile of elegant straight edges.

The advantages of the IDEAL 8000 CL/RL series are clearly visible at first sight

The IDEAL 8000® simply means more light, security and thermal insulation. The narrow visual appearance of the profile allows more light into the room. The reinforcement profiles in the chambers of the PVC profile ensure stability with elements of greater size. There is increased anti-burglar security in the zone where the glass meets the wing frame. It is in fact this merging of the window wing and the frame which makes the gluing technology so special – there is no need for metal reinforcement of the window wing and the thermal insulation is increased by 20 % in the profile cross-profile.

  • the 6-chamber system is a standard option for 3 levels of sealing with great thermal insulation and soundproofing
  • it exhibits excellent properties of thermal insulation with total values ranging from 1.2 to 0.69 W/m2K
  • an installation depth of approximately 85 mm with the possibility of installing glass material from 24 – 51 mm of depth and the possible width being up to 59 mm when installing semi-recessed glass
  • suitable for installation into low-energy and passive objects
  • classic modern design of straight lines with a great selection of connection profiles for different installation needs
  • equipped with designed internal bar
  • available in a number of decorative versions
  • the ALUSKIN system is available in a wide range of colours and decorations (the PVC- aluminum combination)
  • easy and eco-friendly disassembling of the profile from the sealing compound