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Due to the excellent characteristics of aluminum profiles, aluminum doors and windows are an increasingly common choice of architects when designing buildings of various types and purposes. Aluminum profiles from which such doors and windows are made are characterized by low weight, high strength, resistance to corrosion and wear, ease of profile processing, resistance to weathering, etc., and can be easily and fully recycled. The profiles are manufactured by drawing high-quality aluminum. The surface treatments can be plastic coating in any color from the RAL chart or anodizing in several basic colors (aluminum color, bronze…). The door and window fittings are also made of aluminum alloy and can withstand heavy loads. For all these reasons, aluminum doors and windows have a long service life and are suitable for installation in all kinds of buildings.

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Energeto® is a window without a steel thermal bridge. The energeto® system is available in all versions and depths with outstanding coefficients of thermal insulation, due to which it actively contributes to the reduction of O2 emissions, heating costs, and thus environmental protection. Steel reinforcements are a weak point in the design of conventional window systems due to poor thermal bridging. Since the options in terms of depth and number of chambers have been exhausted and reached their maximum – the only thing left is to find a better solution for steel reinforcements.

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Owing to the quality of finished products and services, and reasonable prices, but most of all to the effort and commitment of all our employees, the company is expanding its business and thus the number of satisfied customers. That is why satisfied users of our products and services can be found in all parts of Croatia. We believe that we can meet all your requirements and needs with our wide range of quality products and services, which is a prerequisite for business cooperation to the mutual satisfaction.

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