Aluminum carpentry

Aluminum carpentry and facades

Because of its excellent properties aluminum carpentry is used more and more by architects when designing various types of structures for different needs. The aluminum profiles which are used to create the carpentry are characterized by small weight, high solidity, resistance to corrosion and wear, simplicity of processing, resistance to the elements and can be easily and fully recycled. Possible surface protection includes plastification in any colour from the RAL colour chart or anodizing in several basic colours (aluminum, bronze, etc.).
The hardware parts installed into the carpentry are also made from an aluminum alloy and can withstand great loads. For all these reasons our aluminum carpentry has a long product life and is suitable for installation in all types of structures.
In our production of aluminum carpentry we use the aluminum profiles of the Croatian manufacturer FEAL. At your request we can also offer you aluminum carpentry created from profiles manufactured by other renowned manufacturers.


Windows, doors, sliding and accordion-like doors and shutters

Aluminum windows, just like PVC windows, are one of the most important elements of a residential structure. They are installed onto a structure when light design and bigger glass surfaces are required and when the focus is on the solidity and resistance of the material. Aluminum windows can be designed in all colours from the RAL colour chart or anodized. Various versions are available depending on the shape of the element and mode of opening. Profiles for aluminum windows are divided into two basic groups: without an interrupted thermal bridge (cold profile) and with an interrupted thermal bridge. The most significant difference between the two is the thermal insulation of the profile. This is why it’s important to correctly choose the type of aluminum profile which shall be installed onto a structure.


Profiles without an interrupted thermal bridge (cold profiles)

A cold profile or a profile without an interrupted thermal bridge is drawn out in one piece. Since aluminum is a great thermal conductor, such profiles are used only at those points where the thermal insulation isn’t necessary (interior windows, doors, bulkhead walls and shutters). If we were to install these windows as a part of the external carpentry, it would cause the formation of significant moisture on the interior side of the windows, meaning in the room. The profiles are usually 45 and 50 mm thick.


Profiles with an interrupted thermal bridge

A profile with an interrupted thermal bridge consists of 3 parts: an external and internal aluminum profile and a polyamide (plastic) rod which connects them into a single profile. By connecting the two with the polyamide rod the thermal bridge inside the aluminum profile is interrupted. Such profiles have good thermal insulation and are used for external carpentry. The profile is usually 65 mm wide, but today we also have profiles with a depth of 77.5 mm and 92 mm. The thermal conductivity of such profiles is Uf= 2 do 2.5 WK-1m-2, while the level of soundproofing is approximately 33 dB.

General information on aluminum

  • light, firm, accessible and resistant to corrosion, wear and the elements
  • completely eco-friendly and 100 % recyclable
  • extremely resistant to bending and suitable for doors of greater dimensions
  • high properties of thermal insulation with total values ranging from 2.3 up to 1.1 W/m2K
  • an installation depth of between 65 and 85 mm with the possibility of installing 20 – 58 mm thick glass
  • can be used with a wide range of suitable security alarms and types of soundproofing and thermal insulation
  • has an advantage over PVC profiles because the great selection of colours and decorations
  • resistant to colour change, even with long-term exposure to higher temperatures
  • suitable for installation in low-energy structures – with the selection of a suitable system
  • modern design available in various combinations, depending on customer needs
  • profiles produced by renowned manufacturers Feal and Heroal